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The restaurant, a voyage within flavours.

Food is not only a pleasure for the palate, but it is especially an opportunity to discover new people, places and cultures. Tasting is thus synonymous with travel.

This is the spirit of Agrisalotto, a special place that combines traditional elements with a more contemporary taste, accompanying guests on a journey that involves all the senses.

Our menu varies depending on the seasonality of the primary ingredients. We firmly believe that:

“Every fruit has its season!”

Go to the Menù!


An eighteenth-century Leopoldian farmhouse furnished in accordance with the Tuscan tradition. The elegance of the setting and the charm of its origins characterize the internal spaces, with flowers and breath-taking sunsets that adorn the surrounding park.


Our pasta is homemade, kneaded in the old-fashioned style by skilled hands, and the dressings are always fresh. The quality of the principal ingredients is an essential requisite which guides us.

The land

We love the land in which we live, the Valdichiana, and we favour all the fruits it can offer us. As such, at our table you will find wines and olive oil that we produce, as well as a rich selection of local produce.

Special occasions

Agrisalotto is the ideal setting to celebrate your special occasions. Contact us to organize an unforgettable event. Our staff are on hand to take care of everything from the menu to floral decorations and music.