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Val di Chiana, the granary of Etruria


If one gazes out from the top of the city of Cortona, which is but a few kilometres from the Agrisalotto, it soon becomes clear that the origins of the people inhabiting this valley were farmers.


The Val di Chiana, since ancient times, has been considered the granary of Etruria thanks to the fertility of its land. It is on this land that we cultivate the vines that give rise to our “L’Imbrunito” & “Il Burcinella” wines, and the olive trees that produce the “L’Olio di Piero”. Among our products are also Vinsanto and honey, so rich and prized for its virtues.


IGT (Typical Geographical Indication)

Incrocio Manzoni
Riesling & Sauvignon

The innovative Manzoni vine variety, a crossbreed of Sauvignon & Rhine Riesling, make the Burcinella a unique wine among its types, grapes with these characteristics are not easy to find in Val di Chiana.
It is a beautiful pale yellow with hints of amber and marked flavours. The aromas work together beautifully and blend without interfering with each other.


Sangiovese and Syrah

Bringing together our vines we have created “l’Imbrunito”, Sangiovese and Syrah produced separately, then blended when bottled.
The result is a great table wine.

Extravirgin Olive Oil

The Olive oil you find on our tables is “L’Olio di Piero”, produced by Agrisalotto.
A superior category olive oil obtained directly from pressing the olives through a mechanical process.

– Cold extracted –

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